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                  EXTERIOR PAINTING

During my 19 years in business I have developed a 12 step painting process to ensure the highest quality in workmanship and to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.  Myself and our employees take great pride in our unmatched quality and attention to detail.  By following these 12 steps,  we at Double Coat Painting Company will beautify your home and maintain your investment for years to come.

PREPARATION PHASE:  Regardless of the product being applied, preparation is the most important.  Preparation is the foundation to any quality paint job.  By following these steps we will ensure that the surface of your home will be ready for the product to be applied.

1.  Remove all shutters and decorative items off of home.

2.  We will then clean with a mildiside to remove any dirt, grime, or mold.
3.  At this time all rotten wood will be replaced and any nails protruding from trim and siding will be driven back in.

4.  We will then prime all bare areas with the recommended type of primer for that surface. 

5.  During this process we caulk every nail head (3,000-5,000) on your home.  All 4 feet siding gaps are caulked, trim boards, soffits, windows, etc.  This is one of the areas that Double Coat Painting Company stands out from our competition.  We DO NOT do what they call a spot caulk (caulk where they see a gap).  

PAINTING PHASE.  It is very important during this process to get the right coverage (mills) of product.  This will satisfy the warranty and provide a uniform color for years to come.

6.  All surfaces not to be painted will be mask off, to ensure paint does not get on anything not to be painted:  windows, water  spickets, meters, landscaping etc.

7.  Paint will now be applied by using a spray and back roll method.  During this process, paint will be sprayed on the surface and immediately will be rolled with a roller to get into all the cracks and crevices on the surface and will provide a uniform coverage of paint.

8.  All trim will now be painted.  All trim work is double coated with a full drying in between coats.  Only brushes and rollers are used in this process.

9.  All plastic, paper, and tape will now be removed off home and landscaping.

10.  At this time we will hang any shutters or decorative items back onto the home.


11.  At this time myself, our employees and finally the client will do an inspection of the home.

12.  This final step is to take care of any discrepancies that might have been noticed during the inspection process.

Double Coat Painting Company has built a great reputation on its professionalism painting homes.  Being part of the Better Business Bureau for many years we have earned an A PLUS rating.  If you would like an estimate on your painting project please give us a call at 816-550-3586 or go to the CONTACT US page and will get with you within 24 hours

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