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We at Double Coat Painting Company recognize that interior painting upsets your daily routine and can be unsettling at times.  Especially during the interior painting process we ensure that it is properly staffed so that the job is done as efficiently as possible.

Double Coat Painting Company delivers the superior quality, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction.  Your home will be treated with the professionalism and with the highest grade of quality as would I want on my home.

Remember your painting project will only be as good as it is prepared.  Preparing the surface is the foundation to any painting project whether it be interior or exterior.  This is where we excel in our painting procedures.  This is how we do so.


All rooms and areas to be painted are schedules with the customer
We will move all large furniture as stated in the contract
Wall fixtures and electrical outlets are removed, 1 room at a time
All floors and furniture are covered with drop cloths to ensure paint does not get on them.


All walls are scuff sanded
Any minor imperfections on walls are mudded, including holes and cracks
Any caulking will be done at this time (usually around baseboards and doors).
All repaired areas will be primed with tinted primer to match color of wall


Clean all surfaces to be taped off ie: trim, door jams, window casements
Cut in around all ceilings and corners
Paint using brush and roller
Apply 2 full coats of paint, allowing to dry in between coats.
Remove all tape, paper, and tarps


Furniture is moved back to its original position
All wall fixtures are re-attached, including electrical outlet covers
Ass floors and carpets are vacuumed and swept
All paint cans are properly labeled


The inspection process will now take place by both the crew and the client.  Any dispenses will be taken care of at this time.
We are not done until the client is 100% satisfied!!

Painting is an art and by following these 5 phases of interior painting I can promise you will be very satisfied with your new paint job.  If this interest you, I too would like the opportunity on bidding your project.  Go to the contact us page and fill out the form or just give us a call at (816-550-3586).


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